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The Courage to Trust

Can you imagine how freeing it would be if we began each day, each relationship, each project, with the intention that we don’t know nor even need to know exactly what lies ahead? I’m not saying this would always be practical. I am saying it would be freeing. It would allow us to be in the present moment, to be present for life - NOW!

Sometimes life feels like we are traveling in darkness. At other times it may feel like a glorious adventure or perhaps a risky and dangerous journey. Sometimes it feels as if we are suspended like a trapeze artist swinging high above the arena. We see the next bar coming toward us and we know we must reach out and ‘claim it’ — but we can’t see clearly enough yet. We are afraid to fully reach out and grab the bar. So we continue to swing back and forth waiting for the right time. We are waiting for more confidence, waiting to be more prepared, waiting until we can build more trust.

When is the right time? Will we ever be prepared enough? How much confidence will it take? What would happen if you just let go of the bar and ‘went for it’? Sometimes as frightening as it may seem, you must close one door in order for the next to open. Does this take courage? Yes, the courage to trust. Trust that you are never alone. Trust that everything that happens is in your best interest. Trust that this desire for more/different would not be presenting itself, if you weren’t ready. Trust that there’s an element of risk in letting go ‘the known’. Acknowledging that you’ll never get to second base if you don’t take your foot off first.

First base could be the job you just lost and you are faced with seeing this loss as the bleakest day of your life or the beginning of a new and fabulous opportunity by checking out what second base looks like. Many of the clients I work with today are faced with downsizing, added work loads without added compensation, loss of jobs, the loss of financial security due to the economic conditions of today and the structure and costs of their lifestyles. How can I assist these people to trust?

As I write these words I am sitting in one of the most peaceful places on earth. I am in a lodge high in the evergreens of Washington State. Looking down over the valley, I feel like I am sitting in a bird’s next — high, safe, looking down on the world. In contrast, I think of how often in the past I have ‘taken on’ the world, felt the chaos, the struggle, the panic, how often I have become the world. And I give thanks that today those times of being in chaos are fewer and fewer. What makes the difference? First discovering and understanding myself, then getting on a Spiritual path, connecting with my heart, making better choices, making peace a priority, and building reserves of time, energy, love and money so that peace CAN be a priority.

Looking back on my life, I see that even the ‘bad’ stuff was the ‘right’ stuff — this has allowed me to see that there is higher power in charge and this in turn allows me to trust. Trust is a choice. In the kitchen of the lodge where I am writing this is a little frame with the following in it: God does not promise a comfortable journey, only a safe landing.

This is what has allowed me to let go of one trapeze bar and reach for another. Acknowledging I am in charge of my journey and my choices will make that journey comfortable or NOT. Knowing that if I always choose the comfortable place I am not likely to grow or step out or move up. Today, I am aware that the risks I have taken in life and the outcome of those risks have been my biggest successes. Granted, they have been calculated risks (I’m very practical). I gathered the facts, asked for guidance/help, and listened to my heart/intuition. It was those times when I didn’t listen to my intuition that resulted in pain and heartache. Yet, I have a choice about how I view these experiences as well. And I choose to see them as successes also. They taught me more about life, more about love (or how far I had gotten from love), more about me, and more about God (and what happens when I leave God out of the picture). They have also shown me the true meaning of ‘trust and surrender’. Surrender is not giving into another or succumbing to fear. True surrender is about giving in to the best and highest part of me. And trusting that no matter how many poor choices or mistakes I make or how bumpy the ride gets — I will always make it back to God — back to love. And in the meantime, what small step can I take today to turn from fear and move toward second base.

Copyright 2002. Judy Irving, all rights reserved


“ The best proof of love is trust.” ~ Joyce Brothers

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