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Date With Destiny or Moment of Truth?

This morning I was listening to the news and the commander of the infantry troops in Kuwait was speaking to our 'rendezvous with destiny' approaching in a few short hours. The President keeps referring to it as the 'moment of truth'. Where are we headed and what is to become of our plans for peace? Do we have plans for peace or do we have plans for war? Which are we focused on? Are the protestors pro-testing war or are they marching for peace? It matters you know. What we focus on we give energy to and what we give energy to becomes our reality.

I certainly don't have the answers for the situation the world is in now and am very grateful that I am not in a major decision-making position. However, there are some things that I and each of you can do on a daily basis to aid in this war on terror. First and foremost is to pray. And pray for ALL the guys not just the good guys. Each country, each leader needs our prayers. Pray for the healing of their minds and the opening of their hearts, pray that we will each love one another and work together for peace. Did we ever think the cold war would be over, did we ever think we would be working WITH Russia rather than bombing them? Miracles do happen.

Do the Iraqi's have secrets? Well of course! Don't YOU? Could those secrets destroy us, probably yes. Could your secrets destroy you, your relationships, your career, probably yes. Perhaps this entire situation is showing us our fears, we fear for our safety, we fear for our families, we fear for our loss of control. We fear loss of financial security as evidenced by our current economic situation. Are we focused on our fears?

Are the North Koreans starving their people? It appears they are. What area of your life are you starving? Ask: How can I clean up around my own back door - my personal self, my thoughts, my perceptions? How can I make myself a better person, a more focused, loving, giving person?

The world is at war. Always has been...always will be. It's the nature of the world. War is state of consciousness. Each of us is in a war internally most of the time. I really believe humans want to heal, that the greatest need we all have is to love and be loved, yet we are also very afraid to heal. We have an enormous amount of trouble accepting and giving love. The current state of world affairs is showing us this very clearly. We are very concerned with back up plans. Just in case there is no love. Just in case we are rejected. So perhaps our focus in on control, not on love.

We can observe the world, and still be at peace, when we don't get emotionally involved. We can stay focused on what we can do, rather than what we can't do. We can focus on the solution in our own individual way rather than focusing on the problem. We can all unite mentally for peace.We can bring order to our own thoughts and our own lives.How can we expect to have peace in the world, if we don't have peace in our hearts and in our homes?

In the very wise words of the very wise Confucius: When there is light in the soul, there is beauty in the person; When there is beauty in the person, there is harmony within the home; When there's harmony within the home, there's order in the nation; When there's order in the nation, there is peace in the world.

How do you show those around you the light in your soul? How do you tend, nurture and extend that light?

Take sometime today to sit with yourself, reflect, observe yourself and what is happening around you. Lay the fears aside for a moment and just BE. Be with your light, then extend that light to ALL. Unite your light with the light of others.

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