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Does Your Attitude Need Checking?

Well, it’s that time again. Is this your attitude? Are you concerned or even a little worried about the upcoming season and deciding what to give? I’d like you to shift your attitude about gifts and giving.

What are the gifts of life present with you now, today, this moment? What are you grateful for? Where are you blessed? Look around you at the people, the possessions, the comforts, the opportunities available. What about your health, your favorite chair, the sunshine, the hike you’re taking tomorrow, your garden, the latte� you often enjoy or that great movie you saw last week?

What about the gifts others have given you? The friend who goes out of her way to do more than her share. The parent who stays in touch when you neglect to do so. The affection your animal showers on you. The flowers your sister sent on your birthday. The sweater you Mom knitted, even though her hands don’t work so well anymore. The smile in your grandchild’s voice when he/she hears your voice on the phone. The extra time your barber, computer technician, or coach gave you without charge. The teachers who taught you to read and write. The authors who write the books you love. The list goes on and on.

What do you have to give to others? It can be purchased, it can be made OR it can be you. Your smile, your time, your organizational skills, your expertise in a particular area, a little conversation, or a phone call to a lonely person. What are your strengths? If you like to connect, take a friend to lunch. If you like to paint, paint a landscape and give it away. If you like to write, write a poem for a friend or offer to help with a project they are working on. If your Mother’s a ‘ rat pack’ like mine, and you are good at organizing, offer to help her clean out her closets. If you have transportation, offer to pick someone up.

And last, but certainly not least, look for the gifts the universe presents to you in the form of “lessons”. No matter what the situation, the problem, or the crisis, there is always a gift to be found, if only you will look for it. I prefer calling them gifts to lessons, don’t you? It takes the “heaviness” out and I am looking for ways to lighten up. With that in mind, now how do you feel about gifts and the season for giving? Has your attitude shifted?

Copyright Judy Irving 2002.


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