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MOVING ON...With A Plan

Moving On With a Plan - Building Your Business the Intentional Way

As was discussed in our last Moving On…In Life & Business, (available by scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking archive) many of us are operating in reactive mode, based on an adrenaline addiction, which supports our busy lifestyle and keeps us handling crises and doing damage control.

Our days are spent in overwhelm just handling the day-to-day activities and there is no time to look ahead, to go after new business or to even check out the competition. You work harder, longer hours, read and research as much as you can, and yet you’re not really sure how your business is doing. You know you’re family life is not doing well, because you often spend evenings and weekends doing paper work, accounting or scheduling. You don’t have the staff you need, you feel like you’re doing all the work yourself, you’re burned out and up.

How will you take control of your self, your schedule, your life, your health, your office and your home? How will you move from being a reactive to a proactive style?

Awareness is the number one most important tool in your tool kit and this awareness is what we discussed in the last newsletter. Following awareness comes time management and productivity, which is the basis of the work needed to change poor habits into good habits. When you take control of your time and your space, you take control of your life and your mind. Here are some tips for getting on the right track:

Take control of your time — Create a template and create blocks of time for all priorities (client appointments, returning calls, marketing, planning, administrative, personal workouts, child’s soccer game, etc). Monday - Friday

Designate “executive think time” — daily time (10 to 30 minutes) when you block out all interruptions and do some strategic thinking. Designate “production time” — daily time without interruptions when your create documents, study or research; work that is critical to your business.

Set boundaries — commit to not taking work home, working on weekends, taking regular vacations and having down time (keeps the adrenaline from kicking in).

Develop a personal and business mission statement, based on your values and your vision, which will assist you in making those critical day-to-day decisions.

Find a coach, a mentor or another professional to help keep you focused and accountable. Get really clear on what characterizes your ideal client and go after and maintain only the ideal client. Refer those that are less than ideal to other professionals or delegate them to your staff. Ideal is someone you love working with, pays on time, shows up on time, refers you business, and has high growth potential.

Make at least 3 marketing contacts per week. Make sure you know how to tell people what you do and that you are telling the right people. Make a list of your key referral sources and communicate with them regularly.

Create a first class team around you. Hire the right people. The team is only as good as the leader and the leader needs to know how to delegate, how to communicate and follow through and up. A leader must walk the talk.

Take time for yourself and your family. If you’re tired or irritable — you go into the reactive or the passive mode again. Nobody likes to be around you, so don’t expect too much business. And always remember that ‘walking the talk’ refers to home as well.

Be a model for your kids and your community. It has been proven that taking time away from your work (disengaging) actually causes one to be more creative and therefore to more fully engage (productive/effective) when they return.

Think about it for a moment, what type of person do you like to be around? One who is light and pleasant and knows how to laugh or a grouch? Chances are you don’t even want to be around yourself when you’re a grouch! Self-care is so very important and when taken will add to - not take away from your business.

If you follow these steps, we believe as a result you will experience greater satisfaction and success. Moving on……..

If you’d like to learn more about time management, productivity, delegation and managing interruptions, give me a call. I’ll introduce you to my diagnostic that will evaluate exactly where you stand in these areas and tell you what you can do to move on to the top of your game.

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