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Today's Leaders Need

According to a recent study by the Center for Creative Leadership (, managing change and business complexity was found to be the number 1 issue facing business leaders. Here’s the must-list for today's leaders: Make good decisions fast.

Anticipate rather than react to change.

Focus on opportunities rather than problems.

Focus on being strategic while balancing the tactical aspect of the role.

Prioritize and focus on what’s important, delegating secondary tasks to others to develop expertise while achieve their objectives.

Plan for career transitions into and out of the organization

Develop leaders within the company to fill openings as more mature leaders move up or out of the organization.

You may think- what’s new about this? Perhaps nothing and yet the time has come to ask, “Am I doing these?” Perhaps even more importantly, ask others, “How am I doing in these areas?”

Often a leader is so busy with the complex aspects of the business, making the numbers, or getting settled into the position that many of these just aren’t happening. Are you a leader who is afraid to rock the boat? Are you one who rocks it a lot, and not with finesse? Do you find yourself not having time for the strategic focus because you’re too busy putting out fires?

My request is that you step back, take that 30,000 birds-eye-view and ask yourself the tough questions. How are you doing? Ask these questions of your team, with a sincere appeal for honesty; or get a coach to administer a customized 360 profile. What structures need to be put into place, what reassignment of duties needs to happen, where are you using your strengths, where do you need to reorganize your time and talents? Without this observation, you will never know what you don’t know. Are you seeing the big picture as well as the business and team objectives? Is the company talent being utilized to its best? Are you prepared for the worst but focused on the best? If not, you’re not in a position to make decisions quickly, even if you have the guts to do so. Which brings up another question, do you have the guts?

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