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Twenty Ways to Know You’ve Arrived

We humans are always achieving, accomplishing, reaching for the carrot, how do we know when we’ve arrived? Since we all seem to work diligently and constantly to get someplace, wherever that someplace is for you; what follows are twenty ways to know you’ve arrived.

You know you’ve arrived when:

  1. You can sit down and pay all the monthly bills at one sitting, without bouncing a check
  2. You get a promotion or a new piece of business
  3. Your kids get a job or a scholarship
  4. You can take two weeks away without email or business calls
  5. You can sleep through the night without waking and you awake refreshed
  6. You pay off your home mortgage
  7. You can purchase a vacation home without financial hardship
  8. You can freely write a check to your favorite charity without angst
  9. You can pay cash for your car
  10. You’ve found work that you love
  11. You have a nest egg for retirement
  12. You’re able to stop and smell the roses even if you don’t have the above
  13. You can NO when you want to and need to
  14. You enjoy your own company
  15. You don’t need a date to have fun
  16. You have family and friends who love you and you love them
  17. When you have to cut back due to the economy, you don’t let it affect your self-esteem
  18. You have something to look forward to each day
  19. When bad things happen, your faith remains strong
  20. Even when you’ve arrived, you know you’re still evolving and you keep investing in yourself

I invite you to create you own list, then watch what happens to your happiness level.

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