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Why Am I Angry? Why Am I Tired?

Are you sick and tired of being tired? Is there someone in your life who likes to watch violent movies and then takes his or her anger out on everyone around? Are you the workaholic, who has become so comfortable with stress, you don’t even recognize you have it?

We all get frustrated and tired, it’s a fact of life. Yet there is something we can do about it without ‘acting out’ or having the great mood swings that many of us experience. I recently read a book and then attended a three-day training with Dr. Joel Robertson, the author of Peak-Performance Living and Natural Prozac. His books and program are based on medical science and research. He is consultant to Fortune 100 companies and professional sports teams. His work will benefit anyone who wants to feel more energized, and alert — naturally - without drugs. In other words, peak performance living.

Many of us either drag or push though our days never actually knowing the extent to which events, behaviors and choices can effect our brain chemistry and therefore our energy level, our optimism level, our intellectual clarity, sharpened memory and deep feelings of well being. I have repeatedly heard people say, “I’m getting old and can’t remember a thing.” Actually it has nothing to do with age, it has to do with long-term stress (which often means that the brain’s acetycholine level is low). This incidentally is believed to be the precursor to Alzheimer’s.

Statistics show that 60% of the women (and some men) in the US have low serotonin (signs might be: low self-esteem, poor concentration, indecisiveness, procrastination, low energy, muscle fatigue, weak boundaries, weight gain, excessive sleep). If you are depressed, you might be low on serotonin. To boost your serotonin, and hence you sense of well-being try increasing your carbohydrate intake (whole grains) and stay away from red meat. Also try middle of road exercises like walking, treadmill and bicycling.

If you are so stressed out you can’t sleep, you may have too much dopamine and norepinephrine; the symptoms of which are: aggressiveness, impulsiveness, short attention span, increased heart rate, restless sleep, muscle tension. Take your foot off the gas pedal (dopamine) and eliminate caffeine from you diet and alternate your high-impact aerobic activity with relaxation exercises like walking and yoga. Too much protein can cause high levels of anxiety and stress as well.

Brain chemistry is affected by 4 majors:

  • Exercise (the specific type of exercise and the frequency),

  • Diet (what, when and how much you eat and drink),

  • Activities you are involved in (like work, entertainment, even the type and beat of the music you listen to), and

  • Spiritual practices

Your brain chemistry influences your performance, your attitude, your perceptions, your expectations, your behaviors and your relationships. The brain has no morals, it just wants what it wants when it wants it and is constantly striving to arrive at new place.

When our brain chemistry is in balance our minds are clearer, our perceptions are more true, we are less likely to cry at the drop of a hat, yell at our children, or eat a whole bag of chips or candy. Do you want a life where the measurement is ‘nothing bad happened to me today’ or one based on daily improvement and happiness?

Dr. Robertson has a new web site in progress, which you may visit at If you are interested in learning more about how you could optimize your performance and lifestyle, please phone me at 702-240-1866. If you’d like to receive your own report with your personal diet, activity and exercise recommendations based on your brain chemistry (which comes from answering a 180 question survey), please let me know.

Copyright 2002. Judy Irving


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