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WISDOM — True wisdom comes from within

Life and relationships are about making choices. All choices count - the large ones and the small ones. We are where we are today because of the choices we have made in the past. The choices we make today lay the foundation for tomorrow. And all the choices are perfect. Why? We learn and grown from those choices. They mold our lives and our experiences.

Have you ever made a choice because you felt like you were “boxed in” and had no other choice? It is not a comfortable feeling. Or have you not made a choice because you didn’t know what choice to make? This is still a choice, even thought a passive one, and is usually made because we are afraid we will make the wrong choice and have to suffer the consequences. On the other hand has there ever been a time when you “just knew” what choice to make? It felt so right there was no discussion or decision to make, it just was. These times are far between, but wow how exhilarating to KNOW what to do! Think back now on the various choices you have made, which have shaped your life. Regardless of the outcome, they were important. Really get in touch with the feeling when the little voice inside your heart said, “this is right.” And you acted on it and it worked!

Now I am going to ask you to think of those times when your choices didn’t turned out so well. We’ve talked about the heart energy and intuition before. Sometimes the ego can turn our heads - we think it is our heart talking and in truth it’s some other part of our anatomy, especially if it is a romantic relationship. Our judgment can also be influenced by a sense of responsibility, a need to rescue someone, a need to be accepted or included, a need to earn a living or, of course, a need to be loved.

When that little voice says, “something is not right here, my assumption of this person and his or her actions don’t match”, do you listen or do you just forge full- speed ahead?

Too often we tune out inner signals and the cost of doing so is enormous. We must learn to listen to and trust ourselves. We must learn when the higher self is speaking to us. This is what I call wisdom. Yes it does come with maturity and it begins with awareness.

There may come a time when you know you can no longer continue to work for your employer. For ethical, emotional, or logistical reasons you may have to leave one company before finding another. This can be scary. Just know if this is what your inner guidance is telling you to do and you have gathered all the facts, looked at all the options and still feel guided to leave - then do it. When you have this knowing (this feeling) - listen to it, it’s your wisdom.

I remember when I had the thought, ‘I need to sell my home and move to Nevada permanently’. I just knew it was the right thing to do. I made the statement, “I’m going home, sell my house and I’ll be back in two weeks.” And I did. Everything was so effortless. Just like clockwork, I stopped on the way home from the airport, bought a ‘For Sale’ sign, put an ad in the paper, showed the house 19 times, accepted a contract, and was back in Nevada in two weeks. I never looked back. When two years later I decided to buy another home, it went just as smoothly. Now, not every decision I’ve ever made as been so effortless, in fact, most have not. Yet, I am getting much wiser. I am learning to listen and know.

Often it’s just as important to know when to refuse an opportunity, situation or relationship as it is to find one. Inner wisdom will help you know when the time, the person, or the situation is right.

Do you remember Simba in The Lion King? Simba ran away and his father was killed while searching for him, Simba’s guilt would not allow him to return home. After many years of living in the wild Simba was called upon to make a choice. In order to make that choice, he was asked to remember one very important thing. He had to remember WHO HE WAS. Simba needed to be reminded of whose son he was. He needed to be reminded that he had a kingdom to rule. We all have a kingdom to rule. The kingdom is within each of us and we must claim it!

Copyright 2002. Judy Irving, all rights reserved.


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