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What are Assessments?

Performance Assessments are focused on increasing knowledge and awareness. People learn more about themselves, their blind spots, their developmental gaps and their strengths. They also learn how others perceive them, since perception is reality - this is key. Below are some of the assessments that, combined with effective feedback and coaching, can dramatically increase performance. Click on the individual assessment for more information.

Behavioral Style (DISC) Provides a detailed individual report focused on improving effectiveness by identifying strengths, communication styles, problem solving abilities, ability to work with and influence others, how one operates under stress and recommendations for improvement. It takes 10 minutes to complete the assessment and is rated 90% accurate by clients. See page below for detailed description of DISC.

360 Degree Discovery The 360 degree profile is part survey, part personal reflection. You and your coach decide what would be helpful to know about your performance, effectiveness, strengths and blind spots and ask for input from the people all around you. Some leaders use a survey. ("On a scale of 1-10, how effective am I as a leader?") Some use open-ended questions. ("What strengths should I develop? What weaknesses should I avoid?") The feedback is most commonly anonymous and is administered by your coach via phone, email or in person. But regardless of the method, the results are the same: You learn what you're doing that's really working ... and what's not. Naturally, your effectiveness improves. See page below for a detail description of 360s.

Behavioral Profile (DISC)

Analyzes the behavioral style; that is, a persons manner of solving problems and challenges, ability to influence and work with others, ability to work in a rapid dynamic environment and to manage information and structure.

The DISC assessment tells us HOW a person behaves and performs in the work environment. This profile helps individuals understand how they project themselves to different people in different situations, so they can develop strategies to meet the needs of the role, culture and people.

The report measures the how of behavior and is the only DISC tool on the market to have been predictably validated. The predictive validation of this tool allows organizations to build a profile of the executives that excel in your environment and to hire and develop others to that profile.

What are the Benefits?

  • Learn your value to the organization
  • Target characteristics that can move you from a "manager" of people to a "leader" of people
  • Learn strategies for communicating openly, honestly and directly to get the results you and your organization need
  • Learn to what extent you adapt your behavior in the workplace

Why learn about behaviors?

Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves - their strengths and weaknesses - so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment. Leadership is directly tied to self-understanding and awareness.

What Does this Assessment Look at?

  • How we respond to problems and challenges
  • How we influence others to our point of view
  • How we respond to the pace of the work environment
  • How we respond to the rules and procedures set by others

How Does it work?

This assessment is a one page, 24 question form that takes only 10 minutes to complete. It looks at thousands of interrelationships between responses.

Once we have the completed form, we have it scored and generate a report. We then send the client the report and schedule a feedback session. This report, combined with our feedback session helps people better understand their behavior as well as other people's behavior.

Discovery 360-Degree Feedback

If you're like most leaders, you've had your ups and downs. Some days are like green-light days, everything clicks and you're effective and getting results. Other days, you can't do anything right. Your goals seem very far away, and you wonder if you're doomed to a life of mediocrity.Well, imagine there was a way to change this roller-coaster and make everyday successful.

What is the key? Clear, specific, relevant, personalized feedback - the kind you get from a high quality 360 Degree Profile. Over and over, leaders of all kinds who get feedback on their performance said that a 360 gave them the insight they needed to succeed:

  • Better results.
  • More satisfied customers.
  • A competitive advantage.
  • And more confidence in your own success.

A 360 Can Give You a Competitive Edge

What is a 360 Degree Profile? It's part survey, part personal reflection. You decide what would be helpful to know about your performance and ask for input from the people all around you. Some leaders use a survey. ("On a scale of 1-10, how effective am I as a leader?") Some use open-ended questions. ("What strengths should I develop? What weaknesses should I avoid?") Some leaders get feedback in person, some via email, and some by anonymous report. Most often this is done through your coach. There's no single template, but the results are the same: You learn what you're doing that's really working ... and what's not. Naturally, your effectiveness improves.

Over the years, I've received dozens of requests from leaders to tell them more about 360s, and to help them get quality feedback of their own. As I talked with more and more leaders, the 360 was the one strategy that came up again and again, because everyone who had experienced quality, customized feedback knew that it was essential to a leader's success.

Until now, there hasn't been an easy way to get a 360. You had to spend a lot of money, get permission from higher-ups in your organization, and risk embarrassment from having to share your results. Today we know that 360s were too valuable to keep from leaders who were committed to their own growth and development -- and that it's time to show every leader how to get in on the 360 secret that highly successful leaders already know. I use a system developed by executive coach Joelle Jay and have had tremendous success with this technique as well as having experienced the process myself. I can't tell you all the benefits to me personally and for my professional development to hear other's perceptions of me and what I was not seeing.

Could You Have Flaws That You Don't See?

What if you don't do a 360? Then you just continue going along as you are now. What you don't know can't hurt you, right? Business as usual.The status quo. You will never know what critical information you're missing, because you never asked. In other words, you could be walking around with the leader's equivalent of "spinach in your teeth."

If you think you'll figure out how you're doing on your own, think again. Research shows that people who don't seek quality feedback miss the messages that could be damaging their credibility (or worse). In a report entitled "Why People Fail to Recognize their Own Incompetence," researchers from Cornell and the University of Illinois wrote, "People are unaware of their incompetence, innocent of their ignorance. Where they lack skill or knowledge, they greatly overestimate their expertise and talent, thinking they are doing just fine when, in fact, they are doing quite poorly."

Why not contact me today about the affordable and personalized 360 Degree Assessment to make both you and your business/career more successful.