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Business Consulting for Overworked Professionals


The Professional Advisor Business Consulting Model is for you if:
You're a business owner who's working harder, not smarter, during this
recession just to make the same or less money than before.

Tired of working nights and weekends to get the results you want? Would you like to get kick-butt results without killing yourself in the process? Judy Irving offers a structured business consulting model combined with distinctive leadership coaching that enables overworked professionals and business owners to have a business that supports their life, not a life that supports their business. Irving's clients report a dramatic increase in business, sometimes 20% -30%, while also enhancing their lifestyle. This means they can take nights and weekends off, even vacations without calling into the office.

Other benefits of The Professional Advisor:

  • New perspectives around your role in the business
  • Simple practical tools that can be implemented immediately
  • Proven systems to increase personal productivity
  • Ability to transfer personal productivity into business profitability
  • Successfully managing interruptions to gain an extra day each week
  • Add value to your existing business making clients happier
  • Bring in more business both new and existing
  • Have more fun!

The Professional Advisor is your answer!

If you knew you could double your business over the next few years - without increasing the number of hours you work - what could get in your way?

A Client Success Story

When I met Ted he had made some poor decisions in choosing his past business partners and consequently his finances had hit bottom a couple of years before he came to Moving On. At the time we met, Ted was working nights and weekends, with little money and no time for family and self care - therefore he was overweight and out of shape. In addition, because of the bad experiences with his previous partners, he wouldn't let go of control. He did most of the work himself, with only a part-time receptionist and brought his wife into the office one day a week. Ted was on the road to 'no where' fast.

Fortunately he trusted me. Because of this trust and his willingness to look at life from a different perspective, try my systems and take some calculated risks - several things happened. He got on track physically, he started sleeping well, he learned to block time and hired a full-time assistant. He even brought his wife into the office three days a week. Because Ted learned to create templates, set up systems and delegate, he now had time to market his business.

The result: in just over a year, Ted's income and confidence tripled. He was able to take evenings and weekends off, as well as every other Friday. Because he now shared more of his life with his wife, she learned to understand Ted's business challenges. Therefore she began to take on more ownership of both the successes and the worries. And even more importantly she began to see her husband in a very different light than she had when she'd been focused only on his past business failures.

Do you see how it all works together to increase profits and enhance work/life balance?