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Client Results

"Judy, thank you for coaching me over the past year. Your insight and support was invaluable and allowed me to exceed my income goals and create more free time. With your input, I was able to focus on the key relationships in my life which catapulted me to larger business and personal opportunities. The systems and tools you shared and coached me on (how to manage schedules, staff, interruptions and delegate more effectively) allowed me to spend more productive time in my unique ability. Thanks again!"

Arizona Attorney

"By learning to delegate tasks to other attorneys and support staff, I no longer have to micromanage. My enthusiasm for the practice of law has been restored and my profitability increased."

"I am now leaving the office at a decent hour to be with my family. In one year my gross revenues were up 25% and the time I spent in the office was down 15%."

"I no longer feel out of control. I don't let the files pile up on my desk, things are more organized. My schedule is not double booked and my clients don't fall through the cracks. The most important result is that I am gaining control over my practice."

"Having a coach has placed my focus on taking action. I am making marketing a part of every day. As a result, I'm raising my practice to a far higher level of income and personal satisfaction. I've tried to do that for years, but with the Professional Advisor, it is now possible."