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Business Consulting for Overworked Professionals

The System

Time Management/Productivity — These materials and coaching enable you to gain control of your time and your life. To reduce interruptions, eliminate chaos, end procrastination, delegate tasks, master your calendar, organize your files and recover billable hours.

Business/Client Development — Once you have control over your time, you are ready to target your ideal client and your best referral sources. Developing strategic conversations (who to talk too, what to say, how to track) will gain you introductions and have your best referral sources sending you more good business.

Staffing — Any firm is only as successful as its team. These materials and coaching allows you to develop the skills necessary for attracting and hiring a championship team. In addition, you learn tools for managing job performance, employee evaluation, incentive systems, terminating, resolving employee conflict and more.

Cash Flow/Financial Health — A business needs to attend to its financial health. This system teaches the skills necessary to assure financial health such as developing a zero tolerance for collections, managing expenses, and leveraging profitability.

The First Step to Moving Up a Level

The Practice Diagnostic

The first step in deciding if THE PROFESSIONAL ADVISOR is for you is to complete The Practice Diagnostic. You will be emailed a short 20 minute diagnostic, we then schedule a one-hour interview (in person or by phone) to go over the diagnostic together and determine a needs analysis for your firm. Even if we decide this program is not what you need, by taking the diagnostic you will gain valuable insights, tools, and next steps for your firm and yourself.

There is $175 fee for the diagnostic and the coaching that accompanies it. If you are not completely satisfied with the worth of the diagnostic after meeting with the Professional Advisor, you will not be charged at all. So what do you have to lose?


The Professional Advisor Program

The Materials — If you elect to enroll in the entire PROFESSIONAL ADVISOR Program, you will have sent to you all the manuals associated with each of the four areas: Time Management/Productivity, Client/Business Development, Staffing and Cash Flow/Financial Health. These materials including the necessary forms, scripts for working with clients, prospect, staff, and delegation will be sent to you along with other necessary materials to your success.

The Coaching — Coaching coupled with the systems and support is what creates the 'kick-butt results' you are looking for. The best of intentions is not enough to move you and your business up to the next level. Your coach is not emotionally involved in your business and is therefore able to offer you insights (she IS able to see the forest for the trees), new perspectives, act as that sounding board for the things you can't safely talk about in the office and will hold you accountable for achieving the results you desire. She can assist you in implementing the system materials by working with both you and your staff.

The Investment — If there is agreement to move forward, you'll meet with your PROFESSIONAL ADVISOR, by phone, three or four times a month. Typically the program takes approximately one year depending on the pace that is right for you. In each session, you look at the specific challenges and opportunities you're facing in the implementation of the four business cornerstones, and together, you generate assignments, or "fieldwork," for the coming week. Your PROFESSIONAL ADVISOR is on retainer to you and available all month between regular sessions by phone and email for additional "just-in-time" coaching. This continuous support is invaluable as you internalize new habits of thinking and master new business systems and skills.You may discontinue at any time with 30 days notice.

We believe in our product and what our product can do for you therefore: All services are 100% guaranteed, if you decide this program is not for you within 30 days, return the materials to us and we return your intake fee to you.

What do you have to lose? $175 at the MOST and you receive one-hour of coaching and a slew of valuable insights and tools even for this. Is $175 too much to get the 'kick-butt results' you've been looking for?