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Additional Client Impact Testimonials

"My company hired Judy as my Executive Coach during a time of great change and chaos in both my company and my life. Through the process of coaching I was able to better define my strengths, my values and how best to apply them in the workplace. Another very significant part of our process was focused on management skills. These had not taken top priority in my career because I was promoted at the time when the company was rapidly growing and changing its business model simultaneously.  Working with Judy on management skills not only made me a better manager and mentor to my team but a better communicator in general. I feel more grounded, less stressed and more confident in my ability to handle whatever life brings now. Senior Portfolio Manager, National Commercial Real Estate Company

"One of the greatest executive benefits I’ve had the honor to receive is Executive and Leadership Coaching with Judy.  What I most appreciate was the one-on-one experience. Judy knew my history, my values and what I wanted to achieve, and her coaching sessions helped me determine new action steps to try based on all of those considerations.  Judy taught me the importance of understanding core values: I learned how to align my goals and behaviors with my values, and how to change old habits that could get in the way of my success.

I know my work with Judy has made me a far more effective leader.  I am more aware of my personality traits and how to adapt while also staying true to my values – and an added benefit is that I’ve been able to apply the experience and knowledge in both my professional and personal life. Thank you, Judy.  You are much appreciated." Senior Regional Sales Director, Atlanta based company

"With Judy's coaching and expertise, I was able to advance from an entry-level therapist at a large hospital to managing my own clinic, including supervision of other clinical staff, in just one short year! In addition (and simultaneously during my job advancement!), Judy helped me envision and plan a wedding for 200 guests. I felt stress-free and happy through most of the process, something that I would not have believed possible. Judy empowered me and helped me see solutions instead of problems. I cannot begin to express how valuable her expertise was to me, personally and financially." Amy Brewster, MPT, CSCS

"With direction and encouragement, you took me from what "I know I should do" to creating the action plan necessary to achieve my goals. You helped me define what MY goals were. You have a gift for showing people where "their opportunities for improvement lie." Communications Manager, Las Vegas Review-Journal

"I recently hired Judy upon the recommendation of Senator Valerie Weiner to work with two of my senior team members. As a result of this, I am amazed at the obvious difference I see in both of them in the way they communicate; respond to others on the team and the results they're getting." Fire Chief; Las Vegas Fire & Rescue

"Judy worked with me to grow my new business until my income increased 300%. She kept me focused on my goals and the issue at hand. We identified my strengths and ways to work smarter rather than harder. When I decided to go back into the corporate world, Judy worked with me in the transition, assisting me to 'wrap-my-arms' around the new position and still maintain control of my life. She showed me the importance of 'moving on' and taking charge, both in the good times and the bad. Having a coach has changed my life!" M. McMullen, McMullen Medical Inc.

"It is sometimes difficult in today's environment to be able to find, train, and maintain a staff that is 'internally motivated'. You're training and coaching has made my job a lot easier!" GM Manheim's Greater LV Auto Auction