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All About Coaching

Who Needs A Coach

Coaches are hired by a variety of companies and individuals. Mostly coaches are hired by executives and business owners who have already achieved a great deal in their lives. Now they want to reach a new level of personal and professional success and happiness. They realize they’re going to need a fresh perspective in order to attain that goal.

Coaches are also hired by corporations or managers who want their employees to enjoy greater success within their organization. So they hire a coach for an important employee or team of employees whose success translates into greater success for the company. The sales force is a typical example. It costs a lot of money to recruit and train new people. Doesn’t it make more sense to create such rapport and success in a company that people would be foolish to leave?

Many times a coach is retained by a sharp up-and-comer who needs to stand out from the crowd in order to get ahead within a time frame that would otherwise be unrealistic. Having a coach is almost an unfair advantage, providing an edge in productivity and supporting peak performance.

Other people who benefit from hiring a coach:

  • Anyone who needs to stay focused and on-track.
  • People who want to accomplish great things in their personal/family lives AND in their professional lives at the same time .
  • People who know they could accomplish great things if they could overcome a particular problem such as procrastination or perfectionism.
  • Those who want to reach their goals faster and with less stress.
  • Anybody who doesn't love what they do.
  • You, you and you.

The Professional Coach Is...

  • Your partner in achieving business and personal goals.
  • Your champion during a turnaround.
  • Your trainer in communication and life skills.
  • Your sounding board when making choices.
  • Your motivation when strong actions are called for.
  • Your unconditional support when you take a hit
  • Your mentor in personal development.
  • Your co-designer when creating an extraordinary project.
  • Your beacon during stormy times.
  • Your wake-up call if you don't hear your own.
  • Your partner in helping you have all of what matters most to you.

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