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New Coach Mentoring

One of my greatest joys is mentoring new coaches. From the position of mentor, I coach you through the gap from a place of "I'm training to be a coach" to "I own a coaching business" and finally to “I am a credentialed coach.” I began my own coaching business in 1996, have served as senior faculty at Coach Inc since 1999, and am an assessor for the International Coach Federation. I am one of only 600 Master Certified Coaches, which is the highest distinction, afforded by the ICF to date, out of the estimated 47, 500 professional coaches worldwide (8400 of which are ICF credentialed). I am blessed with a great reputation as a coach as well as have a successful business.

Level 1

Moving On Mentoring is offered on a one-to-one basis and covers three areas:

  • Personal coaching for you. You'll experience coaching first hand so you'll know the benefits: how it assists you in becoming more of who you naturally are and how to work with your passion, strengths and vision. It seems like a paradox, but it's true, that the more work you do on yourself, the more your business grows and the higher level of client you attract.
  • Building your business. Includes work on how to: identify your ideal client, introduce yourself as a coach, set fees, get clients, name your business, identify your message, create marketing materials, and having a website. We work together to explore and strategize all these areas and come up a plan for you to move into action and create the successful business you desire.
  • Mastering the ICF Core Competencies. Becoming a masterful coach is what I want for you. I work with you to understand and apply the core competencies, which are the foundation for all coaching models, so you can receive your credential from Coach U and the International Coach Federation. I listen to you coach and provide verbal and written feedback so that you know what you’re doing well and what needs to be improved upon. As you work with more clients and gain more experience having your mentor listen to you coach in a confidential setting assures you are not lapsing into ‘bad habits’ such as advising or consulting. When you are ready to graduate from your coach training, I’ll write you a letter of recommendation. Then as you approach the 100-hour level of coaching hours, we’ll move into Level 2 (below) fine-tuning your skills to sit for your ACC exam.

ICF requires a minimum of 10 hours of mentoring to qualify for your ACC credential and two letters of recommendation from credentialed coaches; one from your mentor stating the length of coaching hours and both having heard you coach. Of course all of areas will take more than 3 months, usually its 6-12 depending on you.

Level 2

Mentoring with Supervision for Credentialing
Level 2 mentoring is for the coach who has at least 60 hours of coach training and has coached at least 100 hours. There may be some discussion of business development, branding, marketing and bringing in income during our sessions but primarily this level is devoted to readying you for your coaching credential. Whether that credential is the CUCG (CoachU Certified Graduate) which requires 500 hours of coaching time or the ACC (requires 100 hours) or PCC (requires 750 hours) credential from the International Coach Federation. Level 2 will include:

  • Diving deeply into the core competencies
  • Listening to you coach your own clients and providing detailed written and verbal feedback on what you do well and what needs work
  • Structure and delivery of case studies to prepare you for the written exam
  • Participation in mock exams to prepare you for your oral exam
  • One letter of recommendation (at the level warranted) to present with your application
  • A recommendation (if needed) for another PCC or MCC level coach who will listen to you coach and provide you with a second letter of recommendation.

The Level 2 experience is guaranteed to build confidence and stretch you to become a more masterful coach. This confidence and competence not only allows you to go for your next level of credential, but to also build a sustainable coaching business.

"Move On" to Your Next Step: Contact Judy today for a no-obligation introductory conversation to determine how working with Judy can support your business and credentialing goals. Telephone (702) 240-1866, or email to set up a time and date.

"...Judy demonstrated with one of our certified coaches and had instant rapport. It's always great to see a Master Coach in action!!"

Shawna Corden ACC, PMP

"Judy is constantly honing her skills to support her clients in continually growing and achieving life changing results. She walks the talk of an excellent and experienced Master Certified Coach. In my work with her, I felt like I went from kindergarten to high school. She asks the tough questions that I can ask of others but don't ask myself."

Chris Sier, CUCG, PCC

""Even though the Coach Training program is very comprehensive, I found I still had a missing link in my professional growth until I made the decision to hire Judy. I needed her experience and expertise in shortening the trial and error process for repositioning myself from a trainer to a coach." 

Veslava Popova, Bulgaria

"Judy has a wonderful way of pushing when you need to be pushed and pulling when you need a little pull."

Michael J.Linardi, PCC

"Judy has been a great coach and mentor to me as I work to enhance my coaching skills and obtain my PCC. I am then able to put this into immediate practice when working with my clients. She has a very warm and inviting style, yet also pushes and challenges you to be your best!"

Megan Anderson

"Judy was a gift to me! I worked with her as my mentor coach and not only did she support my professional growth but she helped me personally as well. She was intuitive and compassionate. She was a master at creating a safe place for me to be vulnerable and grow. I still use some of the tips and tools she shared with me in my daily life 3 years later."

Carly Goldsmith