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Private Coaching

Today's leaders are aggressively looking for answers to overcome the obstacles that surround the building and maintaining of a career in today's fast paced and often 'insane' world. Over the last ten years the 'rules for doing business' have changed tremendously. Traditionally we've have gone into 'overdrive' by working longer hours and pushing harder. Not only does this tend to erode relationships (family, staff, clients, colleagues) but takes a tremendous toll on health and well being. This reactive approach is not the answer. In order to surpass this new and often hostile world climate, today's leader will work with a Moving On coach to discover what's working, what's not working, and to establish new goals based on new realizations, strengths, shifts and strategies.

A few of the benefits of working with a Moving On coach:

  • Customized Leadership Coaching
  • Performance Assessments
  • New perspectives around your roles
  • Simple practical tools that can be implemented immediately
  • Proven systems to increase personal productivity
  • Ability to transfer personal productivity into business profitability
  • Effectively leverage your personal strengths into value for your organization
  • Able to take weekends and nights off

If you knew you could double your effectiveness over the next few years - without increasing the number of hours you work - what could get in your way?

"Judy has a passion for her work and her clients. Her integrity and strength are a strong foundation for me to follow. Through my numerous challenges and growth, Judy's clear sense of direction has guided me and helped me sort out what is important. She has also taught me about courage and the role it has played in my life. I am blessed to know and work with Judy."

AFLAC Regional Coordinator

"In my first consultation with Judy she was able to quickly uncover the core of a relationship issue I was having at work. This insight helped me to transform the relationship back to its prior state of health. I was too emotionally involved to see the underlying problem and my contribution to it. Not only did Judy help me to see the role I was playing, she also helped to accept responsibility and to outline some action steps to resolve it. I had to do the work, but I would not have had the quick resolution had it not been for Judy's insightful coaching skills."

COO, Firm Partner