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Faith Lessons - Experiencing the Miracles

Faith Lessons "Faith Lessons" will offer you an in-depth look into the lives, lessons and inspirations of a unique collection of individuals who have a rich heritage of faith and how that faith has sustained them during times of challenge and growth.

Judy Irving, of Las Vegas, NV, has been hand-selected through a nationwide search to be a featured author in "Faith Lessons" from Insight Publishing. Also featured in this dynamic collection are Jennifer O'Neil (Motion Picture actress, Cover Girl Model and Motivational speaker) and Dr. Robert H Schuller (Founder and senior minister of the famed Crystal Cathedral and acclaimed author).

This exciting series captures the insights and inspiration of faith-minded individuals. You will be stirred to examine your own faith as you read these authors stories.

Judy Irving, Master Coach, corporate trainer and owner of Moving On Coaching and Consulting describes herself as a "recovering, stressed-out superwoman" who thought success WAS working hard. The harder she worked, the more successful she felt, but the cost was too great. She was always searching for more. Finally when tired of searching and tired while searching, she says, I learned to question my intentions, commitments and my sense of purpose. This questioning led me to A Course In Miracles®, which she credits with giving her the tools to deal with what she shares in this book: her mother's murder. Irving's life is now dedicated to assisting others in transforming the way they look at life and in giving them the tools to do so.