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Getting Started as a Coach™

Mastering the Mindset and the Logistics for a Successful Business

Getting Started as a Coach

Getting Started as a Coach e-book is designed to help you build a successful coaching practice. As a professional coach since 1996, I have learned just about everything there is to know about becoming a success coach. My knowledge and experience will make it easier for you to be come a successful coach by answering your critically important and timely questions. Eliminating the guesswork of this major career choice will save you time and money. Planning is everything in any career including coaching; and knowing where to place your planning emphasis makes all the difference. Remember, failing to plan appropriately is guaranteeing failure.

Table of Contents:

So, You Want to Be a Coach?

What It Takes (p.7)
Get a Coach! (p.7)
The Positives & The Downside (p.8)
Why Do People Hire a Coach? (p.9)
How Does One Pick the Perfect Coach? (p.10)
Therapy vs. Coaching vs. Consulting vs. Mentoring (p.12)

Setting Up a Coaching Business

Get training! (p.14)
What Do You Have to Offer as a Coach? (p.16)
What Equipment Will You Need? (p.17)
The Logistics of Setting Up Your Business (p.19)
Business Cards, Brochures, and Web Sites (p.21)
Do You Need to Niche? (p.23)
Where Do I Get My Clients? Marketing… (p.24)
What Goes in the Welcome or Intake Packet? (p.26)
What do I Charge for my Services? (p.29)
Creating the Business Vision… (p.30)
How Do I Transition into Full Time Coaching? (p.31)
How Long Will it Take to Build a Full Practice? (p.32)
Do I Accept Credit Cards and If So When? (p.33)
Do I Need Liability Insurance? (p.34)
Credentialing – Get Certified! (p.35)
What to Do if the Client Disappears… (p.37)

The Business of Being a Coach

Who IS Your Ideal Client? (p.38)
What Does it Take to be a Strong Coach? (p.39)
How to Introduce Yourself as a Coach (p.40)
How to Conduct the Informational Interview or Get Acquainted Session (p.42)
What to do When They Say “Yes”… (p.44)
What’s Important to do in the First Session? (p.45)
How To Set the Client Up for Long Term Coaching… (p.46)
Moving the Pro-bono Client to a Paying Client (p.48)
How to Move the Client Forward in a Session (p.49)
How do I ‘Attract’ Clients? (p.50)

What’s Next?

Group Coaching (p.51)
Mentor Coaching (p.52)
What Others Have to Say (p.53)

If you wish to have a successful coaching career then you should know

  • The top three investments every coach must make.
  • The top five mistakes new coaches make and how to avoid them.
  • The major ways coaches find their clients.
  • Negotiating with new clients, setting fees, and client retention.

All these issues and more are covered in Getting Started as a Coach™

Getting Started as a CoachTM is the culmination of SEVEN years of mentoring new coaches and TWO years of intensive coach-training teleclasses entitled "Getting Started as a CoachTM".

Here's what others have to say:

"Judy, This e-book is amazing! It's practical and answers many of the questions I have about starting a coaching business. I read the entire thing in one night!"

Christine Naylor
CNS Communications, Minneapolis

"Judy: I incorporated a lot of your suggestions and found them really helpful. Since our last conversation, I have been able to develop several prospects into paying clients and want you to know that it's greatly appreciated."

John P. Kreiss
MorganSullivan, Inc.

"Thank you for a very helpful free coaching session with my book purchase. I am going to use your ideas and apply them right away. I've already begun my website!"

Sean Klonaris
M.B.A., C.L.
Personal Development Coach and Licensed Real Estate Agent

"In my professional opinion Judy is among the best, if not THE best, professional coaches in the United States. Sounds hyperbolic, but it is not. Anyone studying to be a coach would benefit from the wisdom, direction and spirit Judy brings to her clients. She is a wonderful role model and teacher. I recommend her to ALL my coaching clients."

Kathleen B. Schulweis
Confidence Connections


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