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Putting Yourself on Your "To Do" List: 14 Days to a Renewed & Purposeful You

Putting Yourself on Your To Do ListWe're all busy people who desire results AND inner peace. The only way we'll ever get these is to commit to ourselves. Americans are the most over-worked people on the planet and the least productive; in addition 30% of Americans take less than 7 days of vacation per year.

We humans are like a Styrofoam cup - a cup with holes in it. We keep filling the cup up and it keeps leaking...the energy, the joy, the enthusiasm for life....keeps escaping.

This CD is about finding ways to upgrade your cup by creating a structure that will allow you to remain strong, vibrant and connected. A life that allows for a satisfying career, time with family, good health care, community service and time for Self. It's possible to have a good-looking cup and yet know something is still missing.That something may be Purpose....what you're really here on this planet to do...the 'work' that will bring you joy and continuing fulfillment.

My sense is that there are those days when you feel you could be doing more NOW to make a difference in the big picture of life. Yet if you don't put yourself first, you'll never find the time to think about'll never have the time to let your light fact, you nor the world will ever know your real beauty.

One of my favorite quotes is: "Courage is the commitment to begin, without any guarantee of success." Yet many people think if they don't have a guarantee of success, they won't even try. Perhaps we might let Sarah Henderson, an Australian Outback Station Manager and writer, give us a nudge forward. She has been quoted as saying: "Don't wait for a light to appear at the end of the tunnel, just stride down there and light the bloody thing yourself!"

I wish for you the courage to put yourself first and let your light shine brightly!