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Relationships - The 'Heart' of the Journey

Relationships - The Heart of the Journey Cover

Most of us probably believe that life is a process, a journey, and I believe that the HEART of that journey is found in our relationships. Our yearning is filled when we experience the deep connection with another, when we connect with the essence of that person, their Spirit. But all too often we flit from one person to another trying to fill this void in all the wrong ways. But is there a 'right&' way? Perhaps there is a 'better' way. I suggest that the 'better' way is to first create a relationship with yourself. Begin by taking an inventory of your past, your beliefs, and look at the patterns that emerge in your past relationships. Do you seem to be dating the same person - only the face and name are different?

Experiencing miraculous relationships is not about seduction; it is about understanding both yourself and others. It is about being clear about what you are actually looking for when you look for love. Is it a person, a role, someone to fit the photo you carry in your head? Incidentally, at what age was that photo taken? Could it be time for a new one?

A Course in Miracles ® is a spiritual path, which combines eastern philosophy, psychology and Christianity and differs most profoundly from other paths in the area where it states that the fastest way back to God is through our relationships. It is in relation to others that we are actually able to see how we show up in the world. Think about this for moment. How do you show up in relation to your family, your co-workers, your spouse, to money, or to food? These are just a few of the many things, people, situations you are in relationship with.

If you'd like to take a deeper look at love, at you, at what love means to others and how you can be more successful and fulfilled in this profound area of life, then this CD is for you.

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What Others Are Saying:

"The Heart of the Journey made a profound difference in my life. I listened to it over and over in my car and slowly, but surely, I was able to change life long patterns with the new thoughts and ideas Judy so lovingly shares. Her message is profound, yet gentle and gives invaluable keys to keep love in one's life."
Juan Cantu, Singer/Actor

"The Heart of the Journey is wonderful!! I recommend it to anyone wanting deeper, more loving relationships. The stories and examples are both entertaining and insightful and have helped me understand and relate better to both my husband and two sons. I’ve also shared these tips with my coaching clients facing relationship issues. Thank you, Judy!"
Grace Durfee, Wife, Mother & Professional Coach

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